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When I joined the administrative professional world 8 short months ago, I was overwhelmed and lost. Little did I know that I was going to be joining one of the most supportive professional groups in the world. Everywhere I turned, there were people and resources willing to help me. The last 8 months have been an incredible journey and I could not have done it without any of the blogs and influencers below. The following 10 websites truly deserve to rank among the top admin influencers. New and seasoned administrative professionals alike can learn from any one of the people listed below. 

Susan Silva of DeskDemon

DeskDemon is the largest hub of online collaboration between office professionals, secretaries, and administrative staff. Susan Silva has worked tirelessly to create a vast pool of knowledge dealing with office management. Covering subjects from office software tips to humorous office stories, DeskDemon is the biggest resource for office professionals of all kinds. Since 2009, Susan Silva spearheaded the United States section of DeskDemon’s blogging platform to cover an incredible variety of topics that will surely answer your questions, doubts, and problems. It’s like the reddit for office professionals – but even better.

Stacy Leitner of Admin to Admin

A senior executive assistant at the City of Rancho Cordova in California, Stacy Leitner has been internationally touted for her role as an executive assistant and a college educator in various fields. For 13 years, she played a pivotal role in areas such as professional development and self-improvement. Espousing the belief that everyone can have a “satisfying career”, Leitner is extremely driven by her passion to mentor and guide administrative professionals and students alike. Her blog, A Great Day’s Work dives into great detail

Julie Perrine of All Things Admin

As the founder and CEO of All Things Admin, Julie Perrine has been at the forefront of the administrative professional world. With more than 20 years of experience, it’s not surprising that Perrine’s depth of knowledge stretches several industries. Julie and All Things Admin are dedicated towards providing admins with breakthrough products, training, mentoring, and resources to help elevate administrative professionals and encourage them to continually innovate and achieve higher goals. Her methodology is very straightforward and understandable, drawing in professionals from all corners of the world.

Joan and Jasmine of Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics International has been innovating and pioneering a variety of solutions and administrative training programs for more than 20 years . Their life-long goal of providing top-notch educational programs is a testament to their passion for improving and supporting the administrative profession. Joan and Jasmine are in charge of the blogs and their focus is simply improving the life of a administrative professionals. From principles for success, to travel planning problem solutions, Joan and Jasmine are able cover all facets of an administrative professional’s life. Through their wisdom and insight, administrative professionals of all walks of life can gain a stronger foothold in their careers.

Nicky Christmas of Practically Perfect PA

With the slogan, “Making Good Assistants Great”, Practically Perfect PA is the must-see blog of today. The author of the blog, Nicky Christmas, has a plethora of knowledge and insight to offer through her articles that span from microscopic skills within the office to long-term career development. If you’re lost, there’s no better place than PPP, where you can start from the very beginning and improve yourself, step-by-step. Nicky introduces subscribers to new tech each week that is guaranteed to make your lives easier. Practically Perfect PA is blog that cannot be missed and all admins should strive to immerse themselves in this blog to help them achieve the best versions of themselves.

Karen Porter of Effective Admin

The first things you see on this blog are Porter’s three goals: efficiency, self-value, and career management. Karen Porter takes a unique view in admin training. All of her courses and tips focus on benefiting both the admin AND the employer. With over 25 years of experience, Porter is able to speak with extreme confidence in topics ranging from meeting coordination to career management. There’s no doubt that her advice will further any admin’s career whether you’re a fledgling or a veteran.

Lucy Brazier of Executive Secretary Magazine

Lucy Brazier is a specialist when it comes to training executive administrative professionals. She has tirelessly traveled all over the world, imparting invaluable knowledge and lessons to aspiring admins. On top of this endless traveling, she has also launched other tools to assist admins, such as adminchat (a weekly free training session), webinars, LinkedIn group, and even her own blog. Brazier along with other experienced admins collaborate and all share their thoughts on this single blog, creating a pool of different perspectives and opinions. When discussing Executive Secretaries mark on the Admin world it is impossible to not include her right hand man  Matthew Want. He is the backbone of their social media, live chats and being the complete Brand Ambassador.

Bonnie Low-Kramen of Be the Ultimate Assistant

Responsible for the significant corporate training of Starbucks admins and even the Senior EA for Bill Gates, Low-Kramen is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable and respected figures in the administrative profession. Her extreme depth of knowledge and experience working with various people can be felt through her words in this blog. Bonnie does not shy away from tackling tough and tricky subjects. Her blog topics range from tips dealing with travel and hotel selection to more complex features of building a network within a city, closing the wage gap, and workplace bullying. Through her inspiring words, Low-Kramen is likely to change your admin career in a beneficial way.

Debbi Shaffer of Audacious Admin

Like many of the other bloggers mentioned here, Debbi Shaffer of Audacious Admin, boasts over 20 years of experience in the administrative professional world. Specializing in C-Suite Executive Support, Shaffer clearly displays her wealth of experience working with executives through her blog articles. These articles are unique because of their anecdotal style and this makes her articles more relatable and understandable. It’s almost like stepping into her shoes and learning through secondhand experience.

Bloggers of International Virtual Assistant Association

The International Virtual Assistant Association (IVAA) is a great community dedicated to the professional training and development of those part of the Virtual Assistance profession. In particular, the IVAA blog acts to educate the community on the exact responsibility and function of the Virtual Assistant. With tips for building long-term relationships with clients or weighing risks, some of the articles provide topics that is relatable across all types of admin job functions. Other articles focus more on virtual assistants and how one can discover their ideal VA to get the most out of it.

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