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Travel Like the Pros Do: Summer Travel Itineraries

Summer is finally here! Now what? With so many places to travel and so little time, trying to create an itinerary that perfectly fits your budget, goals, and interests can be extremely daunting. So, I called in some reinforcements and had some of my favorite travel bloggers submit their top summer travel destinations. Each blogger’s suggestion has been turned into an end-to-end itinerary using the itinerary creation tool, TRAVO. Click each city name to find more details about their activities and see which flights and hotels will work for you. For more information on each blogger, simply click their name and blog to be taken to their homepage. Now, it’s time to travel like the pros and make the most of your summer!

Elounda, Greece Itinerary

Paul Johnson: Luxury Travel Blog

“We have enjoyed many holidays in Elounda on the island of Crete.  It’s home to some great luxury hotels, fantastic Greek food, of course, and a really relaxed atmosphere.  The one thing you’ll definitely want to do when you’re there is visit the island of Spinalonga which has a fascinating history and was a leper colony as recently as the late 1950s.”

We have included Spinalonga in the Elounda, Greece itinerary above. As well as Plaka Beach, a secluded beach that has gone largely unnoticed by tourists. This beach features crystal clear waters and vast expanses of open sand.

Osaka, Japan Itinerary
Kyoto, Japan Itinerary

JB and Renee: Will Fly for Food

“The Philippines is hot all the time so it’s basically a summer destination year-round.  On top of that, we have over 7,100 islands to choose from so you’re never too far from the beach. Because we’re spoiled in that regard, Ren and I have no real desire to hit the beaches in summer.  Instead, we’d rather drive up to the mountains or visit a country with milder weather like Japan. Sushi and Zen gardens are a great way to escape the brutal summer heat!”

JB and Renne recently traveled to Osaka and Kyoto and were absolutely smitten by the culture and, most importantly, the food! Each of the itineraries above include their daily activities as well as the restaurants they were lucky enough to try.

Krabi, Thailand Itinerary

Mark Wiens: Migrationology

“My number one choice for places to go on a summer vacation is Krabi, Thailand, which is the hometown area where my wife is from. I love the mixture of natural beauty, with beaches, islands, mountains, and cliffs, along with delicious southern Thai food. My number one priority when it comes to traveling is food, and Krabi has a great selection of unique Thai food available in Krabi town. Don’t miss Nong Joke and Ruan Thip, two restaurants that serve excellent Krabi style Thai cuisine.“

In addition to the two restaurants Mark mentioned above, we have included a number of top rated beaches and cultural landmarks to visit when touring Krabi. Follow in their food-steps by clicking the itinerary above.

Berlin, Germany Itinerary

Dan and Audrey: Uncornered Market

“Our favorite summer vacation spot would be Berlin. Even though it’s our home base right now, we’re usually traveling during the summer for other projects and so we miss this city at its best time with long days, warm nights, and so much outdoor activity. We would suggest that people rent a bike and ride through several different neighborhoods, from Tempelhof Park in the south through Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg, and then down by the canals and Spree river.”

Dan and Audrey typically prefer to travel in the “shoulder seasons”–May and September. However, they highly recommend Berlin and created an incredible itinerary for beginners: Berlin Beginner’s Guide. We’ve filled in the first couple days with the bike route they suggested as well as some other highlights from the guide. However, to truly immerse yourself in the Berlin, and Uncornered Market, experience, read through their guide thoroughly and add highlights to your TRAVO itinerary as you see fit.

Tel Aviv, Israel Itinerary

Robert Schrader: Leave your Daily Hell

“My favorite place to spend the summer is definitely the Mediterranean coast, be that the south   of France, Italy, the Balkans or Israel. My favorite activity? Drinking wine, of course, particularly when it’s made locally.”

Robert Schrader is an inspiration to all 21st century young people. Having quit his job over four years ago, he has been able to experience countries and cultures most people dream of. Even though he provided us with 4 different locations, we chose to focus on Tel Aviv, Israel because of how passionately he spoke of the city in his “Two Weeks in Israel” post. We have included all of his highlights from those couple days. If you have more time to travel read through the rest of his guide and add as many cities and cultural highlights as possible!

Prague, Czech Republic Itinerary

Dariece Swift: Goats on the Road

“Our favourite summer vacation spot is anywhere in the northern hemisphere! Outside of the summer months it’s too cold or rainy to enjoy the outdoors. We recently chose Prague, Czech Republic as our early summer destination and absolutely loved it. Our favourite activities were market-hopping and visiting parks. In the summer, there are loads of beer gardens, farmers markets, and food/wine markets popping up everywhere. Grab some friends and enjoy the day in Letna park or Riegrovy Sady, followed by some beers at the beer garden, and sunset. Another huge perk of travelling to Prague in the summer is the festivals! Don’t miss the beer festivals :)”

Follow Dariece and Nick’s weekend in Prague as they walked, ate, and drank their way through Prague. Letna Park and Riegrovy Sady beer gardens are both included in the TRAVO itinerary above, but there are many more beer gardens scattered throughout the city. Spend a day walking from Karluv to Old Town discovering ancient architecture and markets along the way for you to revisit later on in your trip.

Canadian Rocky Mountain Itinerary

Gary Arndt: Everything Everywhere

“My favorite summer vacation spot would be one of the 104 National Parks in North America. They offer a wide diversity of locations including arctic tundra, rainforests, deserts, and swamps. The activities you can do there include everything from swimming to dog sledding, and from wildlife watching to hiking. If I had to pick one or two favorites they would most likely be Banff and Jasper in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.”

Gary has embarked on an ambitious and noble quest to visit all 104 places with a National Park designation in the United States and Canada. Banff is Canada’s oldest national park and is extremely accessible, just a 90 minute drive from Calgary. Its most popular attraction, Lake Louise, is included in the above Canadian Rocky Mountain Itinerary. Jasper National Park lies just north of Banff and you can drive the Icefields Parkway between the two national parks to experience of the most scenic drives in the world.

Siquijor, Philippines Itinerary

Merve: Pinoy Adventurista

“My favorite summer vacation is the beach! Basking in the sand, swimming, and nature watching are what I enjoy most when spending a day on the beach during summer. Some of my favorites around the Philippines would be Anguib Beach in Cagayan, Boracay in Aklan, Baras Beach in Catanduanes, Dahican Beach in Davao Oriental and the beaches of Romblon and Siquijor.”

We chose to feature Merve’s Siquijor, Philippines itinerary. There’s plenty of time to explore the island as well as lounge on one of the best beaches in the world. If you have more time, add more of the beaches Merve mentioned above and experience the Philippines like one of their top travel bloggers.

Sardinia Itinerary

Clelia: Keep Calm and Travel

“My favorite summer vacation spot is my own island, Sardinia. Not only is Sardinia famous for its beaches, but it also offers other incredible activities such as hiking, windsurfing and kitesurfing, scuba diving, cooking classes, cultural tours and much more. The number one activity? No doubt about this either. Take a day boat trip to the Golfo di Orosei area, a spectacular place on the east coast, featuring some of the most beautiful beaches around, one of them “Cala Goloritze” is a UNESCO HERITAGE site. During the boat trip, people can enjoy different beaches and a traditional lunch on board as well as visit my absolute favorite one, Cala Mariolu. Cala Mariolu has been nominated several times the best beach in Sardinia and it is always among the top 10 beaches in Europe and worldwide. While there, you can relax, snorkel in its crystal clear waters, and scuba dive and discover the underwater caves.”

Clelia has a number of pre-created itineraries for a perfect week in Sardinia. The TRAVO itinerary most closely resembles her East Sardinia itinerary. Follow her itinerary to visit Cala Gonone, Golfo di Orosei, Baunei Village, and Cala Mariolu.

Maldives Itinerary

Kach and Jonathan: Two Monkeys Travel Group

“One of our favorite summer destinations for couples is the MALDIVES! We highly recommend you experience the all-inclusive resort because they provide you with opportunities for adventure water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling and even catamaran sailing! If you don’t have the budget then you can check our our article about the Budget Guide to Maldives.”

The Maldives has long been known for its beautiful beaches and incredible surf. Kach and Jonathan capitalized on this and spent a couple days exploring and immersing themselves in nature, more so than culture. The Maldives are the perfect summer getaway for the adventurous and active travelers.

Use TRAVO, the itinerary creation tool, to build your own summer itineraries and share them below!

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