Best Travel Laptops for Business Travel

Road warriors ask a lot from a prospective travel laptop. They want one that is fast with a long battery life that can manage all basic work functions, as well as streaming, all while being as light as possible. Finding the best travel laptop for business travel can be extremely elusive and can seem like such a daunting task, that many give up or pick a less than optimal choice because they get frustrated with all the options out there. Here are our top tips on how to choose a laptop for business travel and make sure you can stay productive on trip. Continue reading Best Travel Laptops for Business Travel

Tips for Packing Business Clothes

Traveling for business can be a conflicting mix of excitement and stress for most travelers. While you are given the opportunity to explore new areas of the world, you are also tasked with representing your company to others. As the face of your company, you must be presentable, but this can be extremely difficult when you’re living out of your suitcase. Here is a simple plan of attack to plan your next business trip wardrobe and how to go about packing to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. No matter how prepared you are for your meetings, showing up with a wrinkled suit or dress shirt can ruin your first impression. Follow these tips for packing business clothes to avoid wrinkles and represent your company with your best face forward. Continue reading Tips for Packing Business Clothes

Tips for Scoring the Best Hotel

Every administrative professional has been faced with the same dilemma, “How do I find a hotel that keep my manager comfortable, without breaking the bank?” Booking hotels is a very difficult balancing act: on the one hand, you have to adhere to a strict budget, on the other your hand you have to find a hotel that has all the basic amenities and enough comfort that your manager will be well rested and productive in. And as we all know, comfort comes at a cost. However, there are ways to score hotel rooms on a budget. Here are our top 17 tips to impress your manager and maximize your given budget and make sure your executive travels in style and comfort. Continue reading Tips for Scoring the Best Hotel

Travel Like the Pros Do: Summer Travel Itineraries

Summer is finally here! Now what? With so many places to travel and so little time, trying to create an itinerary that perfectly fits your budget, goals, and interests can be extremely daunting. So, I called in some reinforcements and had some of my favorite travel bloggers submit their top summer travel destinations. Each blogger’s suggestion has been turned into an end-to-end itinerary using the itinerary creation tool, TRAVO. Click each city name to find more details about their activities and see which flights and hotels will work for you. For more information on each blogger, simply click their name and blog to be taken to their homepage. Now, it’s time to travel like the pros and make the most of your summer! Continue reading Travel Like the Pros Do: Summer Travel Itineraries

How to Travel On A Budget

Traveling is so expensive that is easy to feel like vacation is an indulgence that you cannot afford. We are here to tell that it doesn’t have to be that way! Combine these tips for traveling on a budget with some of our tips for earning money while traveling and start exploring with more freedom than ever before. Continue reading How to Travel On A Budget

Earning Money While Traveling Abroad

Every morning, I wake up and scroll through my Instagram and Tumblr feeds and am bombarded with images of countries I want to explore, and foods I want to try. I have the heart of a traveler with a serious case of wanderlust, but the bank account of a 23 year old with a serious case of budgeting problems. Would be travelers around the world are faced with the same problem as me, but no more! Never miss out on another adventure with the following ways to earn money while traveling. Continue reading Earning Money While Traveling Abroad

Tips for Eating Street Food Abroad

For countries throughout the world, eating street food is one of the best ways to experience local culture and immerse yourself in another country. Many local vendors have done their best to accommodate the influx of tourists and foreign diners by adopting cleaner cooking practices. However, it is dangerous to get too comfortable when eating abroad and you should always proceed with caution to avoid spending a couple days sick and bedridden. Here are some tips for eating street food abroad and avoid getting sick. Continue reading Tips for Eating Street Food Abroad

Key Phrases to Learn Before International Travel

When traveling overseas, many travelers will often feel lost. Not just because of the unknown territory, but also because of the unknown language. You can avoid a lot of this stress by spending some time preparing and learning some basic key phrases in the local language. This will help you navigate these foreign streets, as well as help you make a great first impression with the locals. Here are some simple steps to start preparing for your upcoming trip and our top phrases to learn before traveling to another country. Continue reading Key Phrases to Learn Before International Travel

Best 4th of July Fireworks

‘Tis the season…to feel patriotic! This year, we are lucky enough that the Fourth of July falls on a Monday giving us the perfect opportunity to pack our bags and have an impromptu 3-day weekend. Below is a list of our top 7 firework shows around the country. Click any of the links below to instantly generate a TRAVO itinerary. Continue reading Best 4th of July Fireworks

Best Airlines for Business Travel

Not all airlines are created equal, especially when it comes to business travel. It is no longer sufficient for airlines to simply provide an A-to-B travel service. With today’s focus on connectivity and electronic devices, airlines are forced to keep up with technology and improve the basic amenities they provide their passengers. This is only growing in importance for the ever moving business traveller who needs to be able to count on his airline to not only help them get to work, but also help them get work done. Below are ten of the most popular airlines in the United States. Every airline is evaluated on customer satisfaction, electronic access, in-air entertainment, legroom, on board dining, price, baggage, and punctuality.

While we have not ranked them, we have separated them into tiers to help evaluate which airlines are best suited for business travel. Continue reading Best Airlines for Business Travel