9 Trips to Enjoy with Mom

Great Getaways to Enjoy with Mom

Warning! Mother’s Day is approaching and will soon be upon us! What better way to say thank you to your mom than to take her on a dream vacation? It may be expensive, but this is the woman that gave you life and put up with you.And, let’s face it, there were some pretty rough years in there. So grab a book and grab a mom and check out our top getaways to enjoy this Mother’s Day!

Beach Getaways

The following getaways are great places to take the mom who enjoys relaxing by the beach, and hiking through beautiful rainforests and searching for breathtaking views and sunsets. We’ve provided some basic trip prices so you can see which getaway with mom will fit your budget.

Hawaii: The islands are full of activities to experience and make memories with your mom. Join a group surfing lesson and swim among turtles and dolphins, or go snorkeling and explore sea creatures. Take advantage of the dreamlike vacation and sip on Mai Tais on the beach while relaxing under the sun and later, have a feast at a luau. O’ahu and Kaua’i are both popular for their beautiful beaches and considered the best places to experience Hawaiian culture and food. If you and your mom enjoy hiking, Maui is the place for the adventurous activities.

Estimated Trip Price:
May: $1475
June: $1866
July: $1516
August: $1479

Bora Bora: Another island destination worth taking your mom to is the small South Pacific island in French Polynesia called Bora Bora. Getting to Bora Bora can be a little complicated, but is well worth the effort. The island has breathtaking views and is surrounded by a coral reef and turquoise lagoon with overwater straw huts that make up the beautiful resort hotels. There are also a ton of lagoon excursions available to experience such as snorkeling, diving, fishing and kite surfing.

Estimated Trip Price:
May: $4174
June: $5121
July: $3061
August: $3384

Mykonos, Greece: In the Spring, when flowers are blooming, the tiny island of Mykonos looks its best. The island is known for its gay culture and nightlife, so it’s a great place to show your mom how to party after having a sandside dinner with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. You can also take trips by the ferry to check out the other islands such as Santorini to watch the beautiful sunsets and stay in a traditional Greek white washed house with a blue roof. To get to Mykonos, fly into Athens. From there you can either book another flight or take the ferry. We recommend the ferry. Even though it takes longer, it’s significantly cheaper and it’s a day on a boat in the Mediterranean, what’s not to like?

Estimated Trip Price:
May: $1760
June: $2089
July: $2966
August: $2723

Playa del Carmen, Mexico: Playa del Carmen offers vibrant life both above and below water. Start your day off by visiting one Playa del Carmen’s world renowned beaches. You can find a multitude of snorkeling and scuba diving companies at each of these beaches. Then, visit La Quinta Avenida to get a taste of the Playa del Carmen nightlife. One important thing to know, June to September is hurricane season for Playa del Carmen so plan accordingly and be sure to check weather forecasts and hurricane warnings.

Estimated Trip Price:
May: $634
June: $836
July: $1190
August: $761

Phuket, Thailand: Southeast Asia has recently come into the traveler spotlight, and for good reason! Phuket is the perfect vacation spot for even the pickiest of travelers. The beaches are unbeatable and for the adventurous travelers, the scuba diving and snorkeling is incomparable. You will be hard pressed to find a place that has a more vibrant nightlife or more affordably priced delicious foods. Furthermore, the local culture can be deeply religious so you and your mom can explore gorgeous temples while drinking from a cold, fresh coconut. Beautiful beaches, adventure aplenty, culture, and food; what more could a person want? While the flight there can be very expensive, your daily expenses will be very minimal. One thing to keep in mind, many temples do have dress codes so bring a light shawl to wrap around your shorts and shoulders.

Estimated Trip Price:
May: $1108
June: $1271
July: $1227
August: $1218

Cultural Getaways

These getaways are for moms who prefer admiring architecture and museums to beaches. Each of the following cities have rich histories and delicious local foods.

Rome and Venice, Italy: Absorb the grand architecture and historical charm of these two European city and taste the delicious food (gelato!) that it has to offer. Both are extremely walkable cities and just wondering these Italian streets can transport you to a different world and time.

Rome: Archeological finds don’t just stop at the Colosseum. Lace up your most comfortable walking shoes and wander around Palantine Hill. From there, you can walk to Vatican City where you can see St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel.

Venice: The stone buildings seemingly float on the canal that runs through it the whole town. Since there are no cars, the only way to travel through the city is to walk and explore the shops and restaurants hidden in the narrow alleys. You can also take a 30 minute ride in a water taxi and check out the colorful city of Burano, where each house is painted a different vibrant color.

Bonus: Trenitalia is a phenomenal train company and many other popular Italian destinations, such as Florence, are only a day’s ride away.

Estimated Trip Price:
May: $2466
June: $2705
July: $2598
August: $2614

Machu Picchu, Peru: Experience the ancient Incan citadel of Machu Picchu, built in the 15th century on a picturesque mountain ridge. It’s giant stone walls and ridges seem as though they have been cut naturally and if you climb to the top, you get amazing panoramic views of the entire abandoned city. If you and your and your mom are feeling extra adventurous, you can reach the ancient city by completing the four day trek on the Inca Trail which will allow great bonding time. If you plan on hiking, allow an extra day or two to adjust to the higher elevations.

Estimated Trip Price:
May: $1662
June: $1654
July: $1677
August: $1256

Paris, France: It’s hard not to fall in love with the city in love after spending a day strolling along the Seine while eating a freshly baked croissant. Paris is the perfect city for the mom who loves culture, architecture, delicious food, and shopping. Visit architectural wonders such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe to see breathtaking views of the city. Connect with a higher power by visiting Notre Dame. And spend a day museum hopping between the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, or one of the other many many art museums located in the city center. No matter how many days you spend in this city, it’ll never feel like enough. So whet your appetite with this inaugural trip and make trips to Paris a tradition!

Estimated Trip Price:
May: $2614
June: $2967
July: $2933
August: $1922

Istanbul, Turkey: Istanbul has one of the richest histories of any major city in the world. Once the capital of the Roman Empire, Istanbul has seen the rise and fall of many major civilizations and is now a bustling city where cultures have collided to create an entirely new and unique one of its own. The mosques, bazaars, and Turkish baths could keep any mother happy occupied. Start by visiting the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Then visit the Grand Bazaar to find beautiful jewelry and bargain for some souvenirs to bring back home. Istanbul is a cultural hub that can’t be missed for any mom that appreciates learning about a city with a rich history and immersing herself into an entirely new world.

Estimated Trip Price:
May: $1364
June: $1601
July: $1690
August: $1702

Estimated trip price was found using TRAVO’s trip planner. The price includes a flight for one person from Los Angeles International Airport to the destination, a weeklong stay in a 3 star hotel, and estimated ground costs.

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