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Earning Money While Traveling Abroad

Every morning, I wake up and scroll through my Instagram and Tumblr feeds and am bombarded with images of countries I want to explore, and foods I want to try. I have the heart of a traveler with a serious case of wanderlust, but the bank account of a 23 year old with a serious case of budgeting problems. Would be travelers around the world are faced with the same problem as me, but no more! Never miss out on another adventure with the following ways to earn money while traveling.

Renting Out Your House

The first thing you should do before embarking on your adventure is renting out your house, apartment, or room. This will make sure your current living situation isn’t burning a hole in your pocket and might even provide some extra money while you are traveling. You can post on sites like Airbnb or, if you’re trusting, Craigslist. For Airbnb, make sure you can get someone to help manage the place such as neighbors or roommates. There are also companies that help organize rent collection and conduct cleanings between tenants. For Craigslist, it’s definitely recommended to have a sublease agreement. Ideally, you will have one or two roommates staying behind who can also keep an eye on things. If possible, list your house or apartment for more than you are paying. Not only will your rent at home be covered, it will actually serve as an alternate source of income which means more money while traveling.

Work Remotely

Today, all a traveler needs is a laptop and a connection to internet to earn money while traveling. However, finding an employer that will allow you to work on your own time, as well as anywhere you want can be hard to find. Luckily Remote Year has done some research for you. They have created this list of sites to help you find a remote job as well as companies that are hiring. You can also find projects on your own through sites like UpWork to earn pocket money. With an online job, make sure you have a plan for internet connection wherever you go.

For those who are truly dedicated to exploring the world, but need a little help planning, you can also couple your job search with paying for the 12 month Remote Year’s travel program. While their $27,000 fee seems steep at first, it actually includes their bundle of services which include: airfare to 12 locations, accommodations, a workspace with internet, activities and events, and a network of 75 other professionals on your trip.

Language Teacher or Translator

As an English speaker, opportunities to make money while traveling will always be available to you. There are three routes you can take to monetize your language abilities.

Full Time Teacher: The first method of earning money while traveling is becoming a full time teacher through a program like Teach Away. Teach Away helps place qualified English speakers in different countries around the world. As a full time teacher, you will have the benefit of steady pay and accommodations. Furthermore, depending on the program, you can receive airfare, paid national holidays, overtime at an increased pay rate, health benefits, relocation and transportation allowances, family benefits, and a contract completion bonus. One important thing to note: teaching programs are typically a year long commitment, so you will not have complete flexibility over where you can travel. If you are looking to wander freely and make money along the way, this is not the route for you. However, by spending extended periods of time in a single country, you are gaining a deeper appreciation for local culture, you can explore more of the country, and as a teacher you are interacting with locals for a significant portion of your day, every day.

Part Time Teacher: You can look for opportunities to teach classes, or individuals, by visiting local universities, colleges, and community centers. Similar to being a full-time teacher, this is great because you are able to interact with locals on a regular basis, learn their cultures, and maybe even learn some of their language as well. In addition to teaching locals, you can also use sites such as Verbling where you can earn about $20-$30 an hour as a location-independent language coach. While you would lack the stability of being a full-time teacher, this is the perfect option for travelers who wanted to travel widely and earn some extra pocket money while they’re at it.

Translator: Lastly, if you are bilingual or multilingual, you can help translate company documents who sell products and services in other languages.


Similar to working remotely, all you need to earn money while traveling as a freelancer is a laptop and an internet connection. If you have valuable experience or knowledge in applications for web development or engineering, you can easily become a consultant. Udemy is a great tool for those who are “experts” in a subject. Udemy allows the user to create their own courses and set the cost of those courses. Instructors keep 100% of the money from traffic they bring in, and 50% that Udemy brings in. According to the website, instructors make, on average, $8,000. Courses are typically 1-3 hours of content, with a minimum requirement of at least 30 minutes. If you plan correctly, you can invest time prior to traveling and create the courses, and then as publish and market the courses accordingly as you travel. This is a great, and simple, way to make money as you travel the world. Elance, now an Upwork company, is another great place to look for freelance work and earn money on the move.


Kids are the future, and parents are willing to invest heavily in those futures. This is great news for you because it means plenty of tutoring opportunities. Tutoring kids in school subjects such as math, or art, is a great opportunity to use personal connections to make easy money as you travel. They key to success here is setting up these connections before you go and setting a clear schedule. Before departing, make sure you have arranged with the parents the time and frequency of tutoring sessions so you can make sure you’re available at the correct times.

Selling goods online

Sites like Etsy and Shopify with a massive customer base allow people to manage an online shop, selling handmade goods or unique finds. While traveling, pick up unique clothes or items that you think people would like and sell them online. You can also look into dropshipping, where suppliers make, store, and ship your items for you and you can manage this entirely online.

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