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2017 Admin Events Season

Administrative professionals deserve a day, or two…or ten, off. However, opportunities for vacation are few and far between. TRAVO is here to help as your personal travel planning admin! We have created end-to-end TRAVO itineraries for some of the best upcoming admin events that are the perfect mix of work and play. Access these itineraries from anywhere on any device by clicking the event name.

Please Note: We have included reservation links to access the conference’s pre-negotiated rates in the confirmation number section of each hotel segment. Continue reading 2017 Admin Events Season

Solutions for Admin Travel Pain Points

Travel planning is infamous for being a huge time, patience, and sanity suck for administrative professionals. What seems like a simple there-and-back trip to a traveler is a whirlwind of coordination and research for the admin. “Hey, can you book me a trip to San Francisco next week?” Inevitably leads to, “Hey, can you book me a trip to San Francisco on my preferred airline, in an aisle seat, that gets me in on time to meet with John? And can you try to get me reservations to my favorite restaurant and hotel. Also, I would love to be back in time to pick my kids up from school.” Continue reading Solutions for Admin Travel Pain Points

New York Business Travel Guide

New York is the third most visited business destination in the United States. Furthermore, is the most popular tourist destination in the US. Many admins will be faced with at least one, if not one hundred, trips to New York. That first trip can be a little daunting, but never fear! The TRAVO New York business travel guide is here to help. From finding the best way to get your manager from the airport to the city, to helping find those perfect bleisure activities, we have it covered. Use our New York business travel guide for your first or hundredth trip to the Big Apple to make the travel planning process much easier. Continue reading New York Business Travel Guide

6 Steps for Offsite Hotel Site Inspections

Picking an offsite can be extremely stressful. Not only do you need to find a hotel that is within budget, but you also need to make sure the hotel is a proper representation of your company and manager. However, it isn’t always clear-cut what makes an appropriate hotel choice. Here are the top 6 things to look for when conducting a hotel offsite inspection. Continue reading 6 Steps for Offsite Hotel Site Inspections