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Best Airlines for Business Travel

Not all airlines are created equal, especially when it comes to business travel. It is no longer sufficient for airlines to simply provide an A-to-B travel service. With today’s focus on connectivity and electronic devices, airlines are forced to keep up with technology and improve the basic amenities they provide their passengers. This is only growing in importance for the ever moving business traveller who needs to be able to count on his airline to not only help them get to work, but also help them get work done. Below are ten of the most popular airlines in the United States. Every airline is evaluated on customer satisfaction, electronic access, in-air entertainment, legroom, on board dining, price, baggage, and punctuality.

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Carry On Rules and Fees for 10 Major US Airlines

Countless travelers have been tripped up by questions like, “How much does it cost to check my bag?” and “Is my carry-on too big?” and airlines have made it frustratingly difficult to find answers. Here is a quick overview to help vacationers and business travelers alike know what to expect when they get to the airport.

Checked bag dimensions are found by adding length, width, and height of a bag. Airlines with n/a in any column means they do not offer that class.

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TSA Precheck: Everything Travelers Need to Know

Nothing slows a business traveler down at the airport as much as waiting for security. Even the most prepared traveler who shows up with shoes, jacket, and laptop removed can’t escape the inevitable wait for other passengers who were less prepared. Luckily, over 150 airports and 12 airlines have adopted TSA precheck for those who are eligible. For many, it isn’t always clear what TSA precheck is and even if it is clear, whether or not it’s worth it. Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding TSA precheck and a couple tips to help business travelers make sure they are picking the best expedited security program for them.

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