Top 10 Admin Influencers

When I joined the administrative professional world 8 short months ago, I was overwhelmed and lost. Little did I know that I was going to be joining one of the most supportive professional groups in the world. Everywhere I turned, there were people and resources willing to help me. The last 8 months have been an incredible journey and I could not have done it without any of the blogs and influencers below. The following 10 websites truly deserve to rank among the top admin influencers. New and seasoned administrative professionals alike can learn from any one of the people listed below.  Continue reading Top 10 Admin Influencers

Tips for Reporting Business Travel Expenses

Business travel is a necessary evil for every company. Face-to-face interaction is irreplaceable and traveling allows you to provide that personal touch and expand your business through networking. However, business travel comes at an expense (literally). Not only are you spending time away from friends and family, but it can personally cost you a lot of money if you don’t properly report your business travel expenses. In order to help you navigate your next business travel expense report, we have created a list of business trip expenses as well as some tips to help you stay organized. Continue reading Tips for Reporting Business Travel Expenses

Staying in Touch on Business Trips

Many young professionals just entering the workforce look forward to business travel. Not only is it a great opportunity to see the world, but your flights and meals are typically paid for. However, as they continue to grow older, settle down, start families, and become seasoned road warriors, business trips can become irritating disruptions in your personal life. Business trips force you to spend time away from your loved ones and you are often left feeling out of the loop. However, as technology continues to improve, staying in touch with your family will get easier and easier. Using a combination of new technologies, and old methods of communication, your family will feel your presence even if you’re thousands of miles away. Here are our top tips for staying in touch with your family for your next business trip. Continue reading Staying in Touch on Business Trips

Best Travel Laptops for Business Travel

Road warriors ask a lot from a prospective travel laptop. They want one that is fast with a long battery life that can manage all basic work functions, as well as streaming, all while being as light as possible. Finding the best travel laptop for business travel can be extremely elusive and can seem like such a daunting task, that many give up or pick a less than optimal choice because they get frustrated with all the options out there. Here are our top tips on how to choose a laptop for business travel and make sure you can stay productive on trip. Continue reading Best Travel Laptops for Business Travel

Tips for Packing Business Clothes

Traveling for business can be a conflicting mix of excitement and stress for most travelers. While you are given the opportunity to explore new areas of the world, you are also tasked with representing your company to others. As the face of your company, you must be presentable, but this can be extremely difficult when you’re living out of your suitcase. Here is a simple plan of attack to plan your next business trip wardrobe and how to go about packing to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. No matter how prepared you are for your meetings, showing up with a wrinkled suit or dress shirt can ruin your first impression. Follow these tips for packing business clothes to avoid wrinkles and represent your company with your best face forward. Continue reading Tips for Packing Business Clothes