Best 4th of July Fireworks

‘Tis the season…to feel patriotic! This year, we are lucky enough that the Fourth of July falls on a Monday giving us the perfect opportunity to pack our bags and have an impromptu 3-day weekend. Below is a list of our top 7 firework shows around the country. Click any of the links below to instantly generate a TRAVO itinerary. Continue reading Best 4th of July Fireworks

Best Airlines for Business Travel

Not all airlines are created equal, especially when it comes to business travel. It is no longer sufficient for airlines to simply provide an A-to-B travel service. With today’s focus on connectivity and electronic devices, airlines are forced to keep up with technology and improve the basic amenities they provide their passengers. This is only growing in importance for the ever moving business traveller who needs to be able to count on his airline to not only help them get to work, but also help them get work done. Below are ten of the most popular airlines in the United States. Every airline is evaluated on customer satisfaction, electronic access, in-air entertainment, legroom, on board dining, price, baggage, and punctuality.

While we have not ranked them, we have separated them into tiers to help evaluate which airlines are best suited for business travel. Continue reading Best Airlines for Business Travel

Get Hyped and Get Planning for Upcoming Admin Conferences

It’s time to pack those bags and get excited for these upcoming administrative professional events. Every other day is about making sure your manager is taken care of, now it’s time to take care of you! These upcoming events will help you hone your skills as an admin and you’ll have the opportunity to make lasting networking connections with colleagues from around the world. Below are travel itineraries for each event including flights, hotels, and ground transportation. What are you waiting for? Get planning and get hyped for these upcoming admin conferences! Click on any of the event names for a custom TRAVO itinerary.

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Absolutely Essential International Travel Apps

Preparing for international travel is a journey in and of itself. Between packing, learning key phrases, converting foreign currency, and keeping in touch with loved ones, it’s a wonder that travelers are even able survive the trip itself. Luckily, app developers have created these 6 international travel apps to help travelers focus on the destination, rather than the grueling journey. Combine this list of international travel apps with our list of essential apps to have an effortless and enjoyable travel experience. Continue reading Absolutely Essential International Travel Apps

Travel Apps Every Traveler Should Download

As smartphones continue to get smarter, travelers are increasingly reliant on them to get from point A to point B. This has caused a recent influx of apps that provide a much needed solution for a common travel pain. While this seemingly endless supply of apps is revolutionary, there are some that rise above. Below are the top 7 travel apps that help travelers get the most bang for their buck. For those who are traveling abroad, nearly all of these apps should be used in tandem with our list of international travel apps to make every trip equally easy.

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